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Cultivating Opportunities for Success

Contact us to learn more about our initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Making Success Possible Through Education

Avenues of Hope is a scholarship program developed by Comunidad San Dimas Inc. to help formerly incarcerated youth successfully reenter society and prepare them for a brighter future. Students in probation or parole may learn all about this initiative and contact us to request an appointment. You may also inquire about our Excell Network new program, CSD Radio, and Parenting Program.

What We Aim to Do

Our goal is to provide financial, moral, and spiritual aid to students whose lives have been impacted by incarceration, giving them the tools they need to achieve academic success and financial independence. By doing so, we help communities flourish. 

What Does It Take to Break the Cycle of Criminal Life and Incarceration? 

There are enormous obstacles that await a newly released individual. Those who have lived this experience tell us that it requires great will and a deep calling to change one’s attitude and improve one’s life. It also nurtures your willingness to learn new skills and ability to overcome rejection time after time.

Changes and Challenges 

Once released, individuals usually find reentry to be a difficult process. The attitudes and behaviors that became tools for survival in jail have become obstacles to building social and emotional stability.

Furthermore, the transition from regimented incarceration to freedom and anarchy can result in culture shock and create a wall of resistance to change. The resistance is stronger from someone who has lived a lifestyle associated with drugs, money, and gangs.

The Transformative Power of Family Stability

A stable family life can provide a formerly incarcerated individual with the support and encouragement they need to turn their life around. However, years of criminal activity and incarceration can put strain on family relations. The Avenues of Hope program also provides support in this respect. We provide opportunities and discussions that tackle:

  • The Importance of Getting a GED or High School Diploma
  • Job Training and Tuition Assistance
  • Continuing Education (College and Specialized Skills)
  • Overcoming the Fear of Failing
  • Educational Programs Offered by the Government, Educational Institutions, and Faith-Based Organizations

  • The Necessity of Self-Discipline
  • How the “Ex-Con” Stigma Affects Family Relationships
  • Constructive Ways to Deal With the Conflict That Comes With Family Life
  • Community Resources That Help With Guilt, Anger, Addiction, and Childcare
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