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Nurturing Hope Within Communities

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Founded on a Calling and on a Mission 

Comunidad San Dimas Inc. (CSD) strives to spread the Christian message of forgiveness and promote restorative justice in San Francisco, California. We provide support for at-risk youth, former gang members, formerly incarcerated men and women on probation or parole programs, and their victims.

Our goal is to provide community-based rehabilitation services that prevent and reduce recidivism and help the people we serve become productive citizens. To do this, we focus on:

  • Administering pastoral care and spiritual guidance alongside restorative justice initiatives, encouraging forgiveness and prayer in the Christian and Catholic tradition to promote stability and peace
  • Empowering the youth by developing facilities and programs that equip them with education and literacy, vocational training, and life skills
  • Creating economic development and employment programs that promote job readiness and provide continued support through work-life assistance
  • Providing traditional housing and residential assistance for formerly incarcerated individuals in order to ensure their successful reintegration to the community
  • Delivering health support services, such as family relationship enhancement programs, that lay the groundwork for successful reentry to society and prevent one’s return to substance abuse and violence
  • Generating recreational opportunities that maintain and enhance one’s quality of life

Our Apostolate Mission

We are a diverse ecumenical Christian Catholic community comprised of committed laypersons guided by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to a life of a prayer and action. Our work takes us to the streets and juvenile justice centers of San Francisco and several counties in California, including Alameda County, Yolo County, and San Mateo County. We meet up with our newly released brothers and sisters, guiding them as they face probation or parole.

Our mission is to spread Christ’s message of love and forgiveness to youth, helping them rise above the circumstances that cause marginalization within communities. The tenants of our apostolate are faith, hope, and—above all—love. Meanwhile, our identity as a community implies respect, confidentiality, sincerity by speaking the truth with love, and forgiveness that unites us in love, friendship, and prayer.

Our Goals

In order to achieve our mission, we have set the following goals:
  • To be united in prayer and action, affirming that only the Holy Spirit can unite us, that our work is done through the Lord, and that we are the body of Christ
  • To be a loving community and family that supports, motivates, protects, and forgives one another
  • To be a safe place where young people feel valued, accepted, and loved
  • To support each other in discovering and developing our unique talents so that we may use them for the good of others and help others develop their abilities
  • To work as an army against the forces of evil that cause many members of our society to marginalize our young sisters and brothers and cast a shadow over their hopes

Our Vision 

  • We see Christ reflected in each youth, filled with love and the dedication to follow the example of Christian leadership.
  • We do our best rescue young people involved in gangs, violence, and drugs while preventing recidivism, leaving the result in the hands of the Lord.
  • We try to guide the youth so they may experience the true and unconditional love of Christ.
  • We help young individuals prepare for their lives through the help of Christian communities.
  • We invite them to take part in the process of internal transformation and break free from the shackles of addiction, violence, and hate.
  • We guide them to be part of a new social circle, one that alleviates their housing challenges, provides them with academic and vocational training, prepares them to start their own families, nurtures their talents, and guides them along the Christian way of life.

A Glimpse at Our History


Since the late 1980's, Catholic Priests visited migrant youth in custody at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice System. These youth included Spanish-speaking, Catholic, non-denominational, and atheistic individuals alike.  Alfredo Bojorque, an advocate for at risk-youth saw the need to have a ministry to attend youth after Priests became  absent 


Alfredo organized volunteers in the community start a ministry, among them was Myrna Godinez, Nate and Jenny Bacon. Our ministry was founded to visit youth in the early 1990s and named it officially Comunidad San Dimas. Its name originates from the words “comunidad,” meaning community, and “San Dimas,” a common Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish surname. This surname was derived from Saint Dimas, a biblical figure dubbed “The Penitent Thief.” He is one of the two unnamed thieves in Luke’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion (Luke 23:33-43). 

Julio Escobar joins the ministry in 1995 as volunteer leader.


Around this time Deacon Jose and Celida Peñate under the management of Deacon Nate and Jenny Bacon and as they transitioned to do other ministries, appointed Julio Escobar to lead Comunidad San Dimas.  Julio revised a new vision and direction and as our ministry grew, we began extended youth visiting services. Our work took us to other juvenile justice facilities in San Mateo County and Alameda County, and we served both English- and Spanish-speaking youth.


Comunidad San Dimas Inc. was founded as a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization that also focuses on restorative justice.


Our scholarship and stipend program, Avenues of Hope, was created to aid formerly incarcerated youth. 



The vision of Excell Network is created by Julio Escobar to support adult students in probation and parole. 


September 15, 2020, Excell Network announces scholarships to the public and is live in October with Excell Network Storefront.

Fall 2020

Bobby Jones-Haley and Lilliana Gonzalez become the first scholarship stipend recipients.


Spring 2020

Excell Network produces its first magazine.

Summer 2020

June 12, 2021, Excell Network Breakfasts started at St. Agnes Church with the support of Rev. George Willaims.


Winter 2022

February 19, 2022, Excell Network Breakfasts started at St. Agnes Church with the support of Rev. Angel Quitalig.


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