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Let's Make Great Things Together! 

Contact us to learn more about our initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Thank You for Your Support!

Without your kindness and generosity, Comunidad San Dimas Inc. would not be able to provide adequate support to communities in San Francisco, California. Your help goes a long way in changing the lives of at-risk and incarcerated youth.

Why You Should Care

Here Are the Facts: 

Young people leaving the juvenile justice system face many concerns as they reenter the community, home, school, and work force environments.

Teen Challenges: 
    • Problems at home
    • Issues at school
    • Pressure from friends
    • Lack of confidence from within
    • Challenges in their community where they live
  • On any given day, nearly 60,000 youth under age 18 are incarcerated in juvenile jails and prisons in the United States. In every state, confining young people – cutting them off from their families, disrupting their educations, and often exposing them to further trauma and violence – harms their development and has lifelong negative consequences."
  • In a crackdown driven by fear, California sent thousands of teenagers to adult courts and prisons for crimes they committed as juveniles.
  • While corrections leaders and policymakers across the country have made strides to address the overuse of solitary confinement, many young adults are still routinely exposed to this practice. Solitary confinement can mean social and sensory isolation for up to 23 hours a day. Given their developmental stage, this practice puts young people at especially serious risk for long-term psychological damage. 
  • Young people make mistakes—we all have. But when the mistakes lead to prison, we should ensure young people are given the tools they need to learn from their mistakes and—as most of them will return home—to succeed in life, and support their communities.  
  • On the path to ending mass incarceration, we must reimagine our response to young adults so that it ensures access to programs and opportunities that prioritize restoration and reconciliation, and provides the skills they need to chart a new life course upon release—one that will make our communities safer and stronger.

For youth coming out of jails, the experience of freedom is similar to the plight of a caged canary suddenly set free in a forest. Expectations are great and without help facing their fears, self-doubt, loneliness, and the formidable challenges of day-to-day living, the odds are stacked against them.

Why Donate to Our Organization

Formerly incarcerated youth face many challenges when they try to turn away from drugs and violence. Together, we can make a difference and change lives. All donations made to Comunidad San Dimas Inc. go directly to operation costs and the youth and adults we support. In addition, we have no paid staff. All members of our organization are volunteers, from ministry leaders to board members.

How to Make a Contribution

Mailed Checks

We accept donations all year round. Please make your check payable to Comunidad San Dimas Inc. and send it to:

1 Peter Yorke Way

Attention: Julio Escobar

San Francisco, California 94109-6602

Automatic Bank Transfer

Make a regular donation that deducts automatically from your bank account. You can set it up to transfer your preferred amount, at your preferred frequency. It’s quick and simple, and it helps you save on paper and postage. To learn more about this option, feel free to get in touch with us.

Tribute, Celebration, and Memorial Gifts

You may choose to honor, celebrate, or memorialize someone through a gift. Simply send us the names and addresses of the persons you wish to honor, and we will send them a note informing them of your gift.

Matching Gifts

If your organization does match donations, you can match your gift to Comunidad San Dimas Inc. The necessary forms are usually obtained from company personnel or benefits office and forwarded by the donor along with the donation. We will then verify receipt on the form and return it to the employer for processing. Please ask your employer about company policies or contact us for more details on this option.

Donate Online

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